My Name is Ahmed Nabil Mohamed, Basically Software Engineer with passion about Software Industry, Web technologies combined with Machine learning, Deep learning, Natural Language Processing.

Currently i have BSc(Eng) in Computer Engineering and i am doing freelancing jobs and blogging my journey of building Cognitive Systems from different resources to learn more about Artificial Intelligence in the field Natural Language Processing.

My research Interest is Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Machine Translation, Machine Learning focusing on building systems that bring cutting-edge research to production, and make it accessible to a wider audience.

Love playing Football, Computer Gaming and watching science fiction movies. I love teaching through online resources like blogging platforms, i guess it is the best place to learn, teach and inspire.

This is my own space that i will always talking about my experience to build and develop stuffs i like and read about.

My technology stack includes:
higher level python libraries (numpy, scipy, pandas, opencv)
Machine learning toolbox (Keras, Tensorflow, Gensim, Spacy, PyTorch)
Cloud platforms (GCP, Bluemix, AWS, Heroku)
Scrapping tools like (BeatifulSoup, Scrappy)
Database (MySql, sqlite, MongoDB)
Java, JDBC, Java2EE
c / c++
html, css, javascript
Front-end frameworks (Jquery, Angular, VueJS)
Backend framewroks (Django),  Flask, Odoo/OpenERP
Learning Vue.JS, Backbone.Js

Where to find me: