Hi, my name is

Ahmed Nabil Mohamed

I build things for the web using different technologies

I am a Software Engineer specialized in designing and building digital experiences using different technolgies in the web.

About Me

Hello! my name is Ahmed Nabil Mohamed and i enjoy building complex things that is accessible for everybody on the internet. My interest in software development and research started back in 2016 when i was a computer engineering student.

I started studying about software and technologies and i became very interested about web technologies, artificial intelligence researches. unitll today i learned a lot about natural language processing, machine learning and deep learning research area.

My main focus now is learning more about advanced topics in databases and system design and focus more on how to build systems that bring cutting-edge research to production, and make it accessible to a wider audience.

Here are a few technologies I’ve been working with recently:

  • Python
  • Javascript (ES5, ES6)
  • Postgres
  • Mysql
  • Django
  • FastApi
  • Flask
  • Odoo
  • Ionic
  • React
  • Angular

Where I've contributed

  • Software Engineer

    Mar 2019 ~ Present

    Worked in agile environment to design and develop odoo modules based on enterprise requirements (invoices, sales management, crm, real estate, and finance systems).

    Technical lead and contribution to the development of cross platform ecommerce website based on ionic framework and odoo backend to deliver a web based ecommerce system that works on different platforms (android, ios and desktop).

    Design, development and maintenace of master card integration module for ecommerce website to provide configurable payment solutions incuding checkout form, payment authorization, credit cards tokenization, payment transactions tracking and integration with erp finance system.

    Developed odoo module to provide integration with Fawry banking services (biggest payment provider in Egypt) for online payment services.

    Developed and maintained erp reporting tools based on bussiness requirements. Contribution in building reporting engine tools that can help developers to write customizable reporting tool for generating reports for client in multiple formats to accelerate the procceess of generating reports on erp platform.

    Conducted a technical meetings with my team to discuss technical design sessions, sprint planning, tasks estimates and clients meetings. Provide training, coaching and mentoring fresh members of the software development team.

    Lead the development and design of progressive web application, developed pwa components that transform website to installable application, offline and caching services.

    Developed a cloud messaging module to broadcast push notifications to more than 100,000 active devices. designed and developed the proxy server for broadcasting messages using asynchronous http web server.

    Participated in code and database migration using postgres and python technology to transform existing applications for clients. contributed to code refactor, bug fixes and production database upgrade.

    Developed analytics and dashboard engine for developers which enables them to write pythonatic dashboard components fully integrated in odoo framework that is evaluated when ever the report is requested.

  • AI Engineer

    Feb 2020 ~ Apr 2020

    Data collection, annotation and processing. Implementing machine learning experiments for contents classification. Integration with existing API and cloud services. Deployment of services on the cloud and support and maintenance.

  • Freelance Software Developer

    Feb 2018 ~ Apr 2020

    Natural language processing research papers implementation, implementing machine learning experiments for contents classification. researched in many algorithms using documents clustering and text classification (LDA, LSA, Embeddings using Word2Vec, Regression and SVM).

Things i have built

Movies Web Application

Built SPA application that presents movies. the purpose of this Project is to build website R&D platform to integrate different recommenders applications.

angular javascript typeScript python django posstgres bootstrap html/css

Jobs Skills (Exctraction) NER

Built named entity recognition model that was trained on jobs data that aims to automate categrization of messy taxonmoy data.

javascript python spacy keras tensorflow pandas flask

Maxmuscle E-Store website

Built cross platform website enhanced with pwa components that makes it installable on multiple devices using progressive web app browser technology based.

javascript ionic python postgres xml

Get In Touch

Feel free to contact me any time,
my inbox is always open whether you have a question
or just you want say 'Hello!' or even if it is possible to work togehter.